Just Moved to Dundee

My husband and I just moved to Dundee, and one of the first things we noticed and loved about the neighborhood was the community garden. Are there any plots available for us?

- Jocelyn and Jared

Back to the Land

My husband and I love the garden because it takes us back to the land -- at least in a small way -- that we grew up with. We want to share that with our sons. They love to plant seeds and hunt insects and garter snakes. We love the fresh, home-grown produce, working with our neighbors and sharing the excess fruits of those labors with our neighbors at the Underwood Towers… And, we love the sense of a well-rounded and sustainable community that the garden brings to our neighborhood.
- Julie

Beautiful Edibles

The DCG has become a community treasure, an oasis of beautiful edibles and flowers that draws people to come and refresh themselves, read and study, or just come by to watch growth unfold.

Once I met a couple who wandered into the garden… they were from out of town and had just come from the Med Center, where one of them was being treated. It was as though they sought out the garden as a healing space. They just wanted to relax and breathe.
- Sandy

New People

The foremost aspect of the Dundee Community Garden … lies within that second word; "Community." I moved to Omaha just a couple years ago, now. I still don't know people here the way I did back in Sioux Falls. The Garden has blessed me with the opportunity to meet many new people - folks I most likely would have not met, otherwise.

I was a homeowner for about 20 years. I now live in an apartment, with no garden space available. Without the Dundee Community Garden, my gardening experience would be limited to container vegetables, at best. I am thankful to have the opportunity to remain a gardener.
- Don