There are 45 plots at Dundee Community Garden. We have reserved 4 of our plots as "community beds" to be cared for collectively by garden members, and the produce from these plots is donated to the residents of the Underwood Tower, the Omaha Housing Authority apartment building located directly across the street from the garden. These plots are just on the south side of the picnic tables.

DCG members maintain the remaining 41 plots, and each member is entitled to grow and harvest their own produce, herbs, or flowers in their individual plot. Community resources are provided for members to share including bulk compost, water, and tools.

There is currently a LONG (two or more year) wait-list for new members, but each year some members decide not to renew their membership, and new members are notified as space becomes available. There is an annual membership fee of approximately $40, which goes towards garden expenses including water, liability insurance, bulk deliveries of compost, and vegetables and flowers for the community beds.

There are many community gardens in the mid-town area, and we encourage you to consider signing up for a plot at another garden that does not have as long a wait-list as the DCG, as our wait-list is at least two years out.  And you may find that another garden is closer to where you live!  Please look at our "Resources" page for information on other community gardens.

The Membership button below is only for those people who have been notified that their name has come to the top of the list and a plot is available for them.  Please do NOT pay if you have not been informed that we have a plot open for you!


Please fill out the following information to be added to our wait-list and so that we can contact you when a plot becomes available.

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