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To provide space for neighbors to grow and share local produce, provide training courses and educational materials to neighbors and the public, and to donate fresh produce to organizations and underserved individuals in the community.

The Dundee Community Garden was founded in May 2009. A group of dedicated gardeners from the Dundee neighborhood of Omaha, NE, had been meeting for three months, trying to find a location for a community garden in the Dundee area, when Chip James of Lockwood development agreed to let us set up a garden on the empty lot he owned at 4902 Underwood Ave.

After securing liability insurance, ground was broken on May 5, 2009. The garden was designed to have 48 plots, each 4’x10’. Since the beginning, four of these plots have been designated “food pantry” plots, with the produce from these plots going to a local food pantry in 2009 and 2010, and going right across the street to the residents of the Omaha Housing Authority’s Underwood Tower since 2011. We load the veggies in a grocery cart and push it across the street! Additionally, we have grown bumper crops of sweet potatoes each year in the “parking area” along 49th St., and we donate several hundred pounds of sweet potatoes to the Underwood Towers residents each year.

Dundee Community Garden focuses on education to our community about how to grow healthy, local food. Each season we offer a series of educational workshops on garden-related topics, ranging from best gardening practices, to edible weeds, that are free and open to the public. There is also much informal teaching of gardening techniques that happens while garden members tend their plots.

Forty-four plots are considered individual plots, with individuals, couples, friends, or families paying an annual membership fee for use of the plot. The membership fee helps cover our operating costs.

We have planted the outside borders of the garden with flowers, to make it more attractive, as well as to attract butterflies and birds. We have used rain barrels (placed under the gutters of the house at 4904 Underwood) to collect rainwater, which we transfer to the “white whale” so that our gardeners can use rainwater as much as possible when watering their plots. We have a children’s teepee, covered in beans and morning glories—children can play in the teepee as they pick beans! We built a corner sign (2010) and a bulletin board/tool rack (2011). We have compost bins in the NW corner of the garden.

We host several community-building events for the neighborhood each year: an Ice Cream Social, a Watermelon Feed, and we participate in the annual neighborhood celebration “Dundee Day.” We have a giant carrot we carry in the Dundee Day Parade in August.

We became an official NE Non-Profit Corporation in May, 2012, and are a 501(c)3 tax exempt public charity.